July: iHackAfrica Comes To Lagos

iHackAfrica – Where Ideas, Innovation, Talent are fused for social good.

TeenNation and Teens Can Code, & FavCode54 invites you to participate in the #iHackAfrica2018 Hackathon happening in Lagos,Nigeria July 25 & 26, 2018.

This is our first hackathon in Nigeria.
#iHackAfrica2018 is a 48-hour rapid prototyping hackathon, where teenagers with ideas and teen programmers collaborate to build working prototypes of web and mobile apps that improve quality of life and solve social problems.

Are you a teenager?
Do you have an idea to improve how people live, get educated, connect and interact?

You are invited to submit your ideas for the chance to have it quickly developed at #iHackAfrica2018 Hackathon.

Teenagers with the skills to develop these ideas (web & mobile developers, UI/UX designers, graphic designers and the brains to contribute) are also invited to apply to join the teams that would be hacking solutions.

The best ideas hacked stand the chance to win prizes towards completion and launch.

Sign up to participate at www.teenassembly.net/hackathon/
Date: 25th – 26th July 2018
Venue: Meadow Hall
Alma Beach Estate, Meadow Hall Way, Lekki


TeenNation | Teens Can Code | Onebigproject | FavCode54

We are open to partnerships. Mail ihackafrica@teenassembly.net

TEENNATION is Africa’s largest community of Teenagers who are creating opportunities and changing their communities as social innovators, digital ambassadors, and community leaders.

Our teen leaders shape their communities by creating sustainable enterprises that are inspired by community needs.

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