Minimum Wage: NLC Defies Court Order As Nationwide Strike Looms

Minimum wage: Saga Continues As Strike Looms


The Nigerian Labour Union are set to embark on an indefinite strike which will commence from the early hours of Tuesday. The Strike is likely to hold despite Court ruling against the action.

The Strike is set to affect various sectors in the country. Commercial banks, Schools, Fuelling stations and Labour affiliated Transport Systems will be participating in the action.

This is an Aftermath of the ongoing disagreement between the NLC and the federal government on minimum wage. The Union were reportedly to have initially proposed a minimum wage payment of #65,000 to be paid to all Nigerian workers.

After Series of Negotiations, the amount was slashed to #30,000 . However, most state Governors have refused to implement the New minimum wage in their states with little or no improvement made to the #18,000 presently paid.

After a closed door meeting held within the Governors, a wage around #22,500 was reportedly agreed on. This however was received with a pinch of salt from the NLC and pushed the Union to resort to Strike in a bid to see that their demand was meant.

A meeting was scheduled between The NLC and the federal government in a bid to salvage the situation but none of the representative of the NLC turned up which saw the meeting adjourned till Monday.

The Government are hoping to make a last ditch effort to stop the Strike, we hope an agreement will be reached between the two parties.

This could be too late though, as the union has retaliated their decision to go on with the Strike regardless of the outcome of the meeting with the federal Government. The Academic staff Union of some universities have already announced their decision to join the Strike.

This decision has come as a shocker to most Aspirant as there are concerns that it may Slow down the admission process in some universities.

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