Who is the most famous man in the history of the world?

The most famous man in history? Highly subjective! Depends on which field we think of. And what about women? Don’t they count? Or must we place women in a women category secondary to men? Highly debatable in the 21st century!
I checked a list where, according to Time, the magazine has ranked the 100 most famous persons. Interesting, but I will say also Time has here been highly subjective! For example has Elvis Presley been ranked higher than Robert E Lee and Lenin, and far higher than Otto von Bismarck. As I said highly debatable! And Charles Dickens is ranked the second most famous author in the world, only next to Shakspeare……..! And Theodore Roosevelt is ranked far higher than John F Kennedy and Ronald Reagan….!
The 8 first rankings of Time are:
1. Jesus 2. Napoleon 3. Muhammed 4. Shakespeare 5. Lincoln 6. George Washington 7. Hitler 8. Alexander the Great
Where is Buddha? Where is Einstein? Ok, he is on the list, but far down. And to us Norwegians, where is Roald Amundsen? And where is Thor Heyerdal? And where is Henrik Ibsen?

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